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15 Questions With An Archeologist

Hello and welcome to 15 Questions with an Archeologist! 

This podcast is an interview show that seeks to ask as many archeologists as possible the same 15 questions. These questions are designed to cover the areas in which archeologists are most often queried. They are also designed to provoke thought and commentary on our profession.


Oct 18, 2015

Mr. Dan Elliott

Mr. Elliott has over 39 years experience in historical and archaeological research. He has been involved in cultural resource management, academic, and non-profit research in the southeastern United States, New England, and the Caribbean. He has authored or co-authored more than 36 publications and over 200 technical research reports. He has made dozens of presentations at international, national, and state conferences, and is a strong advocate of presenting archaeological findings to the public. Since 1987, Mr. Elliott has served as Archaeologist for the historic town of Ebenezer, Georgia. His recent research projects in Georgia include Carr's Fort Battlefield, Fort Hawkins, Kettle Creek Battlefield, Nash Farm Battlefield, Savannah and Sunbury. Mr. Elliott supervised the 2005-2007 survey and excavation project at the North End Plantation on Ossabaw Island. His two technical reports on this work represent an in-depth treatment, which serves as a baseline for future research on this unique barrier island plantation site. Since 2000 Mr. Elliott has served as President of The LAMAR Institute, Inc.

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