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15 Questions With An Archeologist

Hello and welcome to 15 Questions with an Archeologist! 

This podcast is an interview show that seeks to ask as many archeologists as possible the same 15 questions. These questions are designed to cover the areas in which archeologists are most often queried. They are also designed to provoke thought and commentary on our profession.


Dec 1, 2020

Linn Marie Krogsrud


In this episode, we are joined by Linn Marie Krogsrud; Norweigien Archeologist and Viking specialist.

Linn began her tenure as an archeologist at the University of Oslo in Norway. Where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Archeology. During this time, she also did some fieldwork in Ireland and studied the Viking Age. She then went on to continue studying at the University of Oslo to earn her Master's degree.

Throughout her career, Linn has had the opportunity to conduct archaeology in some amazing places; Including Scandanavia, Ireland, and Germany. Now she's doing some great work along with Buskerud Bygningsvernsenter in Viken county in Norway. Where she's helping carpenters restore buildings using traditional building methods. She's also a part of the Archaeologists Engage network, along with previous guest on the podcast, Emily Wapshott.

Listen to her answers to our 15 questions, and get an interesting perspective from someone who has conducted archeology in a part of the world that has not been discussed yet on the podcast.

To see the video of our conversation, head over to SEAC's YouTube channel!

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Buskerud Bygningsvernsenter


The upcoming carpentry exhibition!

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