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15 Questions With An Archeologist

Hello and welcome to 15 Questions with an Archeologist! 

This podcast is an interview show that seeks to ask as many archeologists as possible the same 15 questions. These questions are designed to cover the areas in which archeologists are most often queried. They are also designed to provoke thought and commentary on our profession.


Sep 1, 2020

Dr. Paul Harrison


In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Paul Harrison; Egyptologist, media presenter, and the host of the Profane Humanities podcast.

Dr. Harrison began his tenure as an archeologist at University College London's Institue of Archeology. Where he earned an MA, as well as a PhD in Egyptian Archeology. He has also had the opportunity to conduct fieldwork in a variety of places in the UK and abroad.

Dr. Harrison has also had several media appearances throughout his career. Some of which include; History Channel's Ancient Top Ten, Sky News, and Sega's Total War video game series. He also delves into the mystery, media, and mania of history as the host of the Profane Humanities podcast. A show where he interviews leading experts in archeology, history, Egyptology, anthropology, Egyptomania, authors, Kemetics, game designers, film-makers, and more!

Listen to his answers to our 15 questions, and get an interesting perspective from someone who has a specialty in archeology that has not been discussed very much on the podcast.

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Also, check out his book; Profane Egyptologists: The Modern Revival of Ancient Egyptian Religion. As well as The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology!

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