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15 Questions With An Archeologist

Hello and welcome to 15 Questions with an Archeologist! 

This podcast is an interview show that seeks to ask as many archeologists as possible the same 15 questions. These questions are designed to cover the areas in which archeologists are most often queried. They are also designed to provoke thought and commentary on our profession.


Dec 1, 2018

Dr. Jessi Halligan

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In this episode we are joined by Dr. Jessi Halligan, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Florida State University.

Dr. Halligan's interest in archaeology began at a young age. Leading her to participate in her first volunteer excavation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers when she was just 11 years olds. Since then she followed her passion and eventually earned a BA in Anthropology from Harvard University and her PhD from Texas A&M University. Focusing her dissertation on the geoarchaeological context of submerged Paleo-Indian sites in Florida's Aucilla River.

Throughout her career, Dr. Halligan has worked on a variety of sites, conducting both terrestrial and underwater survey. With one of the most notable sites that she's worked on being the Page-Ladsen site. A deep sinkhole in the Aucilla River that is considered to be the first pre-Clovis site discovered in the southeast.

Listen to her answers to our 15 questions, and get some insight as to how archeology is being conducted here in the Southeast.


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